RCoA response to HEE Accelerated Return to Training (ARTT) Call for Ideas

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has responded to the Health Education England’s (HEE’s) consultation, Accelerated Return to Training (ARTT) Call for Ideas. HEE is committed to develop evidence-based, innovative approaches for supporting junior doctors when they return to training after time out of a programme. The purpose of these ‘Accelerated Return to Training’ interventions will be to mitigate further disadvantage to doctors' progression towards their completion of training when they re-enter a programme. These disadvantages could be related to confidence, clinical competence or knowledge of current protocols, as well as adjusting to new personal circumstances.

The College has provided a response detailing the good practice and innovative solutions that are available to support junior doctors returning after time out, and this can be viewed here.


11 August 2017