RCoA response to NHSE consultation on the draft MCP contract package for engagement

RCoA response to NHS England's consultation on the draft multispecialty community provider (MCP) Contract Package for Engagement

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has responded to the above consultation offering support for a more integrated system delivering more effective preventive health measures could reduce the need for surgical (and thus anaesthetic) interventions and
improve outcomes when surgery is required.

Patients could be optimised for elective surgery in the community if they are directed to e.g. smoking cessation services or if anaemia is recognised and treated.

Appropriate support in the community for post-operative recovery and rehabilitation will enhance the benefits of surgery and restore patients to optimal function with a lower risk of complications or poor outcome.

Pain services could be moved to more community based locations alongside MSK hubs. Secondary care would only be needed for the most complex and specialist services. This would need local agreement and planning with existing primary and secondary care services.

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24 January 2017

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