RCoA response to the consultation on the White Paper: Services fit for the future

The RCoA Welsh Advisory Board has submitted a response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on the White Paper: Services fit for the future.

The Board’s submission offers broad support for the aims of the White Paper, however the need for a greater emphasis on clinical engagement to inform decision making is noted. A commitment to undertake a comprehensive assessment of any impact on patient safety or the quality of care must also inform any decisions about service re-design.

The response also notes the following:

  • the need for greater consideration of non-financial pressures - citing the findings of the NHS Wales 2016 staff survey which revealed that 46% of staff felt that they could not meet their many conflicting demands
  • proposals which seek to facilitate all-Wales’ solutions to service design and delivery, underpinned by an appropriate regulatory framework, should be welcomed.

You can read the full response from the RCoA Welsh Advisory Board here and the original consultation document here.



13 September 2017