RCoA response to the CQC’s proposed changes to its regulation framework

The RCoA has responded to the second consultation of the CQC’s proposed changes to its regulation framework. A summary of the key points of our response is provided below and the full response can be viewed here.

  • It is not clear how proposals to test the regulation of a whole model or system, through a single relationship, are compatible with the current statutory framework.  We also seek further clarification as to how the proposal for a single regulatory ‘one stop shop’ for the new models of care will operate alongside the performing of CQC activities
  • Within the new regulatory framework we recommend that the CQC incorporates criteria to check that providers have taken action following serious untoward incidents. This is an important part of preventing future recurrence helping to ensure that staff at all levels are supported through the learning process without the apportion of blame to any particular individual or team
  • As secondary care providers will continue to treat more elderly and frail patients, new criteria for regulation should be established to ensure dignity and compassion in the care of these patients over medical interventions for acute conditions; so that quality of life is prioritised throughout hospitalisation as it is in the social care setting.


25 July 2017

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