Resources for candidates and Primary SOE video snippets

The Examinations section of the College website now has a new set of resources for candidates pages:

These new pages provide a consolidation of the various example questions, videos, courses and guides etc made available by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, any of which may guide a candidate in their preparation for the various FRCA examination components. 

Primary SOE videos
We are also pleased to advise that the College have published the first in a series of videos designed to assist trainees in their preparation for the Primary Examination which can be found on the Primary resources page. These first videos concentrate on the SOE section and are designed to help more with candidate performance rather then knowledge. SOE requires certain key skills to be developed and an understanding of what performance characteristics examiners are looking for will help trainees appreciate what areas to work on.

We hope this new resource will be valuable for both trainees and trainers as they work together to achieve exam success. As well as working on their core knowledge, trainees can use the greater understanding of examiner assessment to improve their delivery of responses. Trainers can use them to try to align their feedback and assessment of SOE practice sessions to the standard candidates might encounter when they present for the exam in London.

22 July 2013