Revised College Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Since the College's five-year Strategic Plan was implemented in 2016, it has continued to set the direction of not only of our work, but our vision for the future of anaesthesia.

Now we are half way through the life of this Strategy, and with a new president and governance structure, it was the right time to review progress against the existing plan, to celebrate our achievements and revise it where appropriate. It is vital the College continues to evolve and that we continue to improve how we operate and respond to the challenges facing patients, members and healthcare.

The scope of practice of the modern anaesthetist often goes way beyond their clinical responsibilities – we are educators, communicators and medical leaders. The extended and integrated nature of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine means that in addition to continuing to support our members in these roles, it is vitally important for the College to remain closely connected to the wider healthcare system and to advance perioperative practice. To realise this vision, the first major revision of the strategy called for the establishment within the College of a cross-specialty centre that can promote, develop and advance perioperative care throughout the UK.

The original Strategic Plan sought to make a step change in the way we operate and interact with members and stakeholders. This revised Strategy builds on that vision and has been shaped by feedback from you.

With our fellows, members and patients at its heart, this revised Strategy further defines the values and purpose that will provide a solid and coherent foundation upon which to build our shared future.

17 December 2018