SAS workforce survey

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has launched a survey of specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors to develop our understanding of workforce issues within the grade.

If you are an SAS doctor, (including specialty doctors, associate specialists, staff grades, trust grades, and anaesthetic clinical fellows on the on call rota in your department) please complete this short survey by Monday, 21 November. All data is anonymised and will only be used for the work of the College and the joint working party (more info below).

Evidence-based data required

Results of the 2015 RCoA workforce census have shown that SAS doctors make a significant contribution to the workforce, accounting for 21% of all UK anaesthetists. With information both from our census and the CfWI workforce report predicting a shortfall in the number of trained anaesthetists, the RCoA is committed to doing all that we can to develop robust and evidence-based intelligence in order to shape the national position for a sustainable future supply of anaesthetists. Having a better understanding of the SAS workforce will help us to do this.

We are also committed to furthering understanding and promotion of the interests of our SAS colleagues within the healthcare system, as well as increasing our engagement with this important group. To achieve this, we have established a joint working party to focus on SAS doctors with representation from the RCoA, the AAGBI and the BMA. The RCoA’s SAS representative on Council, Dr Kirstin May, has recently taken up the position of chair of the Academy of Medical Royal College SAS Committee, helping ensure that issues affecting anaesthetists continue to be heard at the highest level.

Thank you for your support and participation.

20 October 2016