Secretary of State’s announcement on a seven-day service and the consultant contract

The RCoA welcomes the measures set out by the Health Secretary to introduce high quality seven-day NHS services.  The College supports the need for consultant-directed care every day of the week to improve the quality of care for patients, improve safety and to make more efficient use of hospital resources.

The reforms have significant resource implications including the crucial diagnostic, administrative and social support that would be required to fully implement a seven day service. There is a need for a total system approach to seven-day working across primary care, social care, and community care to provide an integrated service.

RCoA President J-P van Besouw said: “Ultimately I think we have to provide a service that puts the right people in the right place at the right time, and that means we do need to have services equally distributed across the working week so at the end of the day it will benefit patients.

After all, the burden of illness in the population is increasing; there are lots of patients with long term complex conditions who need a high level of expertise to ensure that they have speedy treatment and good outcomes of care”.

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17 July 2015