Shape of Training – analysis of the themes, ideas and feedback

An update is now available from the Shape of Training website, alongside several other documents which chart the progress of the evidence gathered for the review so far. These documents focus on the following areas.

  • Descriptive analysis of the themes, ideas and feedback we received in response to our call for written and evidence and ideas.
  • Literature review – Review of research and other literature about postgraduate medical education and training based on the themes of the Shape of Training Review
  • Summary of the site visits – Summary of the themes and issues identified through visits to locations across the UK where doctors are trained
  • Summary of the education seminars – Summary of ideas and feedback from people involved in postgraduate medical education and training
  • Summary of workshops – Summary of feedback from various stakeholder groups including medical students, GPs, academics, patients and employers.
  • Draft of the principles and models – The frameworks and principles currently being discussed in our oral evidence hearings. The principles and models draw together some issues and options that have come out of the literature review, visits, seminars and workshops. They have provided a starting point for discussions in the oral evidence sessions that are now taking place, but they are not the end point of those discussions.

For more information visit the Shape of Training website.

27 June 2013