Recruitment into Anaesthesia

Information on national recruitment can be found on the NHS Health Education West Midlands website.

2017 Specialty Training Recruitment

For applicants looking to apply to specialty training in 2017, the following information will be held on the website.

  • 2017 Person Specifications
  • Indicative Vacancy Information
  • Competition Ratios
  • Applicant Guide
  • Links to individual specialty recruitment pages

For any other queries, please contact or 020 7092 1652.


ORIEL is a recruitment portal for all medical and dental training posts.  For more information on ORIEL please go to the NHS Health Education West Midlands and Specialty Training website.

The Recruitment Committee is working to update and improve the Core and Specialist training questions for anaesthetic national recruitment. We welcome any ideas for questions you may have.

If you are interested please contact Afsana Choudhury

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