Final report of the AoMRC Shape of Training mapping exercise

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) has published a summary report of the mapping exercise on Shape of Training undertaken by Colleges and Faculties. The Academy had asked Colleges to undertake this exercise in June 2015, and the RCoA responded after collaborating with the Faculties of Pain Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine, as well as other stakeholders with related interests in anaesthesia training and service delivery.

The report highlights changes to training and curricula that Colleges would be able to make in order to meet the principles set out in the Shape of Training review.

The RCoA is encouraged by support for broad based training in the early years, achieved by the continuation of the three-year Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) programme and the support that shared training will bring to the perioperative medicine agenda. The RCoA remains committed to working with the parent specialties of the ACCS programme to further develop shared training. The report also identifies the need for further integration between primary and secondary care as an essential way to improve patient care and service delivery.

The College would like to thank the anaesthetic training community, members, fellows and stakeholders for their engagement in the mapping exercise.

17 December 2015