Election to Council 2018

If you’ve got a question about the election process or what being a Council member entails please email ceo@rcoa.ac.uk and we can set up a call with you.


20 July 2017: Nominations open

Nominations for election to the Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists are now open. Council comprises 24 seats, made up of:

  • 20 consultant seats
  • 2 SAS doctor seats and
  • 2 trainee seats.

The vacancies and timetable for 2018 are set out below.

2018 Council vacancies

For the 2018 Council elections there are the following vacancies (complying with the conditions of the Ordinances and Regulations):

  • 5 consultant vacancies: Those eligible for nomination are those who are on the specialist register and are Fellows by Examination of the College of four or more years standing, Fellows by Election or Fellows ad eundem.
  • 1 trainee vacancy: Those eligible for nomination are Fellows who will be in training when they take up their post on Council on 13 March 2018.
  • 0 SAS vacancies: There are no SAS vacancies this year.

Those who wish to be nominated to stand are required to download and submit the forms contained in the following links:

NOTE: The forms are set up for electronic signature using the latest edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, If you have any problems using this system please feel free to print off a hard copy, scan, and return to ceo@rcoa.ac.uk.

Consultant members of Council are elected for a maximum of two terms and an aggregate of ten years. The first term of office is six years and subject to re-election the second term is up to four years. Terms of office can be extended if a Council member becomes a president or vice president, subject to the maximum terms of those offices.

Trainee members of Council are elected for one four year term.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Members of Council can be found here. All those wishing to be elected to council are asked to read this document prior to seeking nomination.

Instructions of how to stand are included on the nomination forms, however please note:

  • Mandatory:
  • The Notice of Intention to Stand for Election form must be signed by the candidate. This must also include a completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form and Conflicts of Interests.
  • Nomination for Election forms must be signed by a Fellow of the College in good standing. Each candidate needs three completed forms in order to be nominated.
  • Optional:
  • The Candidate’s Election Statement must not exceed 200 words and should contain brief details of the candidate’s career in anaesthesia and reasons for standing. All statements received will be included as part of the ballot pack.
  • A candidate photo can be supplied as a high resolution JPEG file only.
  • A candidate CV, which will appear online only.  It should be of no more than two A4 pages, contain brief career highlights, employment history, publications, other areas of clinical interest etc with no hyperlinks. Please note it should not contain any sensitive data that is not freely available in the public domain such as home address, phone numbers, other personal details etc. Any such personal information may be removed prior to publication.
  • All completed forms and other information should be received by the Chief Executive’s office (ceo@rcoa.ac.uk) by 28 September 2017, who will provide confirmation of receipt.

Council election timetable

28 September 2017: Nominations close

All completed nomination forms must be received by the Chief Executive’s office. Any forms received after this date will not be accepted.

28 September 2017: Members’ ballot contact details finalised

Fellows and members who have changed their email and/or postal address are requested to give notice to the membership team by emailing subs@rcoa.ac.uk by this date to allow time for updating.

6 October 2017: Announcement of candidates standing

The names of the candidates and which category of vacancy they are standing for will be published on the College website.

20 October 2017: Ballot papers distributed

Ballots will be sent electronically to the email address registered at the College and by post to those who have requested a postal ballot. The ballot process will be managed and verified by Electoral Reform Services (ERS).

4 December 2017: Election closes

Ballots must be returned to Electoral Reform Services by 5.00 pm.

5 December 2017: Result announced

The election results will be declared via the College website as soon as possible following the ballot count. The results will also be published in the President’s e-newsletter and the College Bulletin.

13 March 2018: New members will be admitted to their first council meeting


Contact Information:
Ms Rose Murphy
CEO Office Manager

020 7092 1612


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