Recalculations, Reviews and Appeals

Please read the relevant Regulations (see below) before contacting the College.

You may request a recalculation of your marks if you wish.  This means that a member of the Exams Staff will count each of your marks to ensure that it is correct.  This costs £50.  Please be aware that all borderline candidates (both above and below the pass mark) are checked for accuracy prior to sending out the results.

If you feel that there was a bias or impropriety in the conduct of the exam, you may request a review of your exam.  To do this you must send a letter addressed to the Director of Training and Examinations who will carry out a review of the part of the exams process which you found issue with. You cannot ask for a review of your result on the basis of examiner judgement. 

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the review, you may request an appeal, which is carried out by a panel.  You may not request an appeal until you have gone through the review process.  An appeal costs £1,500, to cover the set up the cost of the panel which is led by a non medical leading academic supported by two examiners who are unrelated to the exam concerned in the appeal.

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