Duties and Responsibilities of Members of RCoA Council

This document sets out the duties and responsibilities of members of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (College) Council, the role of Council, code of conduct and responsibilities and guidance on the Register of Interests.

Newly elected Council members make the following declaration on being admitted to office:

‘I declare that so long as I shall remain in office as a member of Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, I will diligently maintain the honour and welfare of the said College; and in all things relating to my office, and with all manner of persons, act equally and impartially according to the best of my skill and knowledge’.

Council is responsible for the professional aspects of the profession of anaesthesia and includes discussion and decision on policy and professional issues as well as fulfilling formal and ceremonial matters. It oversees the work of three of the College’s four Boards; the Education, Training and Examinations Board, Clinical Quality and Research Board and Communications and External Affairs Board. The other Board, the Finance and Resources Board, reports into the Board of Trustees, which is responsible for the legal, financial and fiduciary responsibilities of the College. There is an expectation that during your tenure on Council you may be asked to consider becoming a trustee, subject to having received the appropriate training. If you become a trustee you have a legal responsibility for the College as a charity.

The duties and responsibilities are set out in the College’s Charter and Ordinances and the College Regulations, including all terms of office and length of service.

The volume of business can be substantial, so it is suggested that out of courtesy you discuss your nomination with your colleagues and employer(s).

Council members are expected to attend all meetings of Council. The meetings of the College’s main boards and committees are normally held later on the day of Council or the Board of Trustees, or the day before. When you first join Council the time commitment can be typically two days a month, although some months will be more.  

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