Structure and Marking

The Final SOE exam is blue printed to the Intermediate Level Curriculum.  Success in the Final Written (in the preceding two years) and the award of the Basic Level Training Certificate is required before you can enter the Final SOE.

Structure of the exam
Clinical Anaesthesia

  • 50 minutes duration comprising ten minutes to view clinical material
  • 20 minutes devoted to three questions based on the clinical material and
  • 20 minutes devoted to three questions on clinical anaesthesia unrelated to the clinical material.

Clinical Science

  • 30 minutes duration consisting of four questions on the application of basic science to anaesthesia, intensive care medicine and pain management.

The marking system

  • Two examiners mark each part of the SOE.  Both mark independently.
  • There are ten questions, 2 marks are given for a pass, 1 mark for a borderline and 0 marks for a fail performance, giving a maximum score of 40. 
  • The pass mark is 32 which have been calculated using a modified Rothman system and historic data reference.
  • The SOE examinations are Pass or Fail.
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