Who's involved


Perioperative Medicine Leadership Group 

The Leadership Group has day-to-day responsibility for the delivery of the RCoA Perioperative Medicine Programme and sets and oversees the stratgeic objectives for the Programme. The Group is chaired by Professor Mike Grocott and consists of members with a range of experience and expertise. 

Perioperative Medicine Innovation of Practice Group

The Perioperative Medicine (POM) Innovation of Practice Group is made up of of clinicians with expertise in their respective areas of perioperative medicine. The role of the Group is to assist in the development of ‘toolkits’- providing resources to enable hospitals to implement and develop perioperative practice within their sites- along with providing guidance and support to the POM Local Leads. The Innovation of Practice Group is led by the National Clinical Leads for Perioperative Medicine and will continue to expand and develop to encompass a broad range of members, with experience across the spectrum of perioperative care.  

Perioperative Medicine Advisory Board

A Perioperative Medicine Advisory Board (PMAB), comprising of representatives from a range of organisations, meets on a 6-monthly basis.  The aim of the PMAB is to facilitate cross-organisational collaboration and engagement, working to integrate the energies and skills of its participating organisations.
Particpating organisations:

·            Leadership Group members

·            Royal College of Nursing                             

·            Royal College of Physicians                  

·            Royal College of Surgeons of England

·            Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

·            Royal College of General Practitioners 

·            Academy of Medical Royal Colleges   

·            Association for Perioperative Practice              

·            Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine       

·            Faculty of Pain Medicine                      

·            RCoA Training Committee                     

·            Trainees                                     

·            Patients/Lay                                                                                     

·            Clinical Directors                                                                                              

·            NHS England

·            NHS Scotland

·            NHS Wales

·            Health and Social Care System in Northern Ireland    

·            Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland                              

·            Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists

·            British Geriatrics Society

·            UK Clinical Pharmacy Association

·            Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland

·            British Dietetic Association

·            British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine