RCoA Statement of Advice on Less Than Fulltime Training

As at November 2015

In 1993 the EU Directive (93/16/EEC) stated that hospital training on a part-time basis should be at least 50%. In 2005, Article 22 of EU Directive 2005/36/EC changed this by deferring the decision on minimum percentage for part-time working to the competent authorities in each individual member state, as long as ‘the overall duration, level and quality of such training is not less than that of continuous full-time training’. PMETB, as the UK competent authority at this time, chose not to set a minimum basis for LTFT training.

In 2011 the General Medical Council, as the current competent authority, undertook a review of the minimum percentage for LTFT and concluded this should be 50% and that only in exceptional circumstances should training be undertaken at less than 50% of full time.

The RCoA supports LTFT training in line with the arrangements set out in the Gold Guide.

The College continues to follow the advice from ‘Principles underpinning the new arrangements for flexible training 2005’ that LTFT training be undertaken on a pro-rata basis, including OOH as this  remains an essential component of the anaesthetic training programme:

  • An opportunity to experience and develop clinical decision making
  • An opportunity to learn when to seek advice
  • A reflection of professional anaesthetic practice