Applications for CPD Approval

The CPD Online Diary is changing - during 2019 it is going to be incorporated into the Lifelong Learning platform. Please visit important information to find out more.


The College welcomes applications for CPD approval of courses and events.

There is no charge for NHS Trusts and hospital boards, registered charities, specialist societies and associations and the benefits of CPD approval by the College include the following:
  • Event reviews are completed by independent, specialist CPD Assessors, who are clinicians experienced in the subject area. The reviews are only sent to a CPD Assessor after an initial administrative check has been completed by the College Revalidation and CPD Team.
  • Approved events are included in the RCoA CPD Online Diary – which has over 8,000 registered users. The CPD Online Diary is available in desktop and web app versions.
  • Approved events are also included in the directory of approved national events on the College website. This is updated weekly and features a direct link for further information, where this has been supplied by the event provider.
  • The RCoA’s revalidation logo, which is a registered UK trademark, can be used in the promotional material and on the delegate attendance certificates for approved events.
  • The process of approving CPD activities is overseen by the independent CPD Board and underpinned by an annual quality assurance report.

The whole review and approvals process is based on the Standards and Criteria for CPD Activities - A Framework for Accreditation, as published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. 

For the purposes of event approval, CPD credits are awarded on the basis of one credit per hour of educational content (i.e. contact / guided learning and excluding coffee breaks, lunches, etc) up to a maximum of 6 CPD credits per day. For multiple-day events, participants may only claim the number of CPD credits for the hours that they attend. Participants will also be required to reflect upon their attendance at all events, focusing on what they have learnt, the impact upon the patients and services in which they work, and any further learning needs.

IMPORTANT NOTES - The CPD Board has ruled that from 1 July 2018, consideration will not be given to applications received less than two weeks before the event date and for any applications for retrospective CPD approval. In addition, for events being held outside of the UK, consideration will only be given if a UK-based organisation is hosting the event or has made a significant contribution to its development. In addition, and as previously, consideration for events being held outside of the UK can only be given if it can be demonstrated that the event will be catering for a specialist audience and has content of such a specialist nature that UK-based doctors would travel there specifically to attend.


The application and review process

Providers of educational activities and events should use the online application form when seeking CPD approval. Alternately, a hard copy application form is available to download below. Please read the Guidance for Event Providers and the FAQs below before making your application.

Applications for CPD approval should be submitted at least six weeks ahead of the event taking place. Consideration will not be given to applications received less than two weeks before the event date and for any applications for retrospective CPD approval.


The CPD Assessors

The College welcomes applications from doctors interested in acting as a CPD Assessor. Full support is provided by the College Revalidation & CPD Team and the Team also sends each CPD Assessor an annual report detailing the event reviews they have completed, for use in their own CPD portfolios. For further information please contact


Quality assurance

As part of the independent review process, the College Revalidation and CPD Team produces an annual quality assurance report for the CPD Board which includes statistics on the number of event applications for approval, a review of feedback from delegates attending CPD-approved events and data on how these events covered the College CPD Matrix.

View the report covering the period November 2017 to October 2018 here »


Applying for CPD event approval within the Lifelong Learning platform

When CPD functionality moves into the Lifelong Learning platform in the autumn, there will be a new application form for event providers seeking CPD approval. This will feature a number of enhancements including the following:

  • the form will appear on one screen, where currently it is necessary to complete three separate screens with the risk of a part-completed application not being saved
  • it will be possible to add the details of two rather than one nominated contacts
  • mapping to CPD Skills (the replacement for the CPD Matrix) will be entirely optional
  • there will be the option of mapping to the Good Medical Practice Domains and also to the Domains for Medical Educators, with the potential to increase visibility of your event to the clinician users of the Lifelong Learning platform
  • there will be a more streamlined payment process for commercial event providers
  • other changes based on stakeholder feedback include that a free text “other” option can be selected for the teaching methods which are selected in the application form, and the uploading of the supporting documents will be instantaneous.

CPD-approved events will continue to appear in the Lifelong Learning platform and on the College website.

We would encourage all event providers to start using the new application form from the autumn, and for further information please contact



Online Application for CPD Approval 


Chris Kennedy
CPD & Revalidation Co-ordinator
020 7092 1729