Revalidation for Trainees

Every doctor who is fully registered with a licence to practise will need to revalidate. This includes doctors in foundation year two and specialty training. How will revalidation work for trainees:

  • Trainees will be revalidated from April 2013 to December 2017.
  • Trainees will be given a date to revalidate along with all other licensed doctors.
  • In future trainees will revalidate five years after receiving full registration, and again at the point of eligibility for CCT (or at eligibility for CCT only where they achieve this in less than five years).
  • For trainees currently in training the rules are slightly different, and this will be made clear in information the GMC publishes shortly.
  • The responsible officer (RO) will be asked to confirm that there are no unaddressed concerns about a trainee’s fitness to practise. To do this, the RO will draw mainly on the trainee’s participation in the ARCP process, but may take account of other relevant information, for example, from employers.
  • The revalidation process for trainees is not designed to coincide exactly with CCT.

There is information on trainee revalidation on the GMC website.

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