Senior Fellows and Members Club

Criteria of category

Fellows and members, who have come to the end of their career and are no longer in substantive employment. Further details about the SFMC can be found here.

Membership fee

£70.00 (no overseas rate)


How membership supports the work of the College:

Membership of the College directly contributes to advancing the specialty by supporting important work in clinical standards, patient safety and research. This includes:


Benefits of Senior Fellows and Members Club (SFMC) membership:

MemCat infographic - SFMC

For a full list of benefits the College provides its fellows and members dependent on categories, please click here.

If you do not already have a Lifelong Learning Platform account you can request one by emailing with the following details:

Email Subject Line = New LLP Account Request
Type of access required (e.g., Consultant, MTI Doctor, SAS Doctor, Trainee)
Your College Reference Number (CRN)
Your current Hospital

Contact the Membership Engagement team to change your category to SFMC