The RCoA Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The RCoA Strategy 2016– 2021 reflects our vision for the future of anaesthesia and the College’s work.

As anaesthetists, we have overall responsibility for patients’ wellbeing before, during and after surgery. We are the lynchpin that holds secondary and tertiary care together, and are the UK’s largest hospital specialty.  16% of all hospital consultants are anaesthetists and over two-thirds of hospital in-patients will see an anaesthetist.  Away from the operating theatre, anaesthetists are involved in a broad range of activities, from obstetrics to dentistry, resuscitation to sleep medicine. Our work crosses many boundaries providing anaesthetists with a unique position to see the big picture and to have a broad understanding of healthcare delivery. The Royal College of Anaesthetists supports approximately 17,500 members and fellows and approximately 3,500 from the College’s Faculties of Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine. The Royal College champions the work of anaesthetists, and the science that underpins our work. We recruit, train and examine anaesthetists to the most exacting standards. We support our members throughout their careers, and fund research to ensure that anaesthesia continues to advance. We promote the sharing of knowledge and best practice, and work with government and other stakeholders in the UK and overseas to make sure that anaesthesia and anaesthetists play a central role in shaping and delivering the healthcare agenda.

With our fellows, members and patients at its heart, this new five-year strategy defines the values and purpose that will provide a solid, coherent and focused foundation upon which to build our shared future.

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