How to engage with ACSA




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Important information

  • Departments are considered ‘officially engaged’ only when payment is received.
  • College guides are assigned once a signed payment agreement has been received.
  • A department should only request a review once they feel that they are close to meeting all priority one standards. It is the role of the college guide to assist the department to reach this point.
  • The ACSA standards are revised on an annual basis and each visit is measured on the most up to date standards at that time. The ACSA team will advise the department requests which standards they will be assessed against.
  • The ACSA cycle does not end when a site is accredited. As part of ongoing engagement with ACSA and commitment to quality improvement, accredited departments are expected to demonstrate their continued compliance against the ACSA standards each year to remain accredited through a self-assessment and submission of supporting evidence. After 4 years the cycle starts again with another onsite review visit.