Getting Started

Login to the e-Portfolio here

Once you have received login details for the e-Portfolio – there are some key steps that you must perform upon logging into the system for the first time.

To login
To access the RCoA Training e-Portfolio click on the link above.  Enter your username (College Reference Number) and your password (will have been emailed) in the appropriate boxes, as directed on the page.  Click on the ‘Login’ button to complete the login process.

Login Screen

As a new trainee user, the first time you log into the e-Portfolio system – there are a couple of things which you are required to update. Please ensure that you set your Educational Supervisor and your Hospital.

The RCoA e-Portfolio has been designed to work in a particular way and encourages collaboration between trainees and consultants – if these steps are not followed the system will not be able to work as designed.

Trainee joining instructions

STEP 1: input your supervisors names
Once you have successfully logged into the e-Portfolio system you will see the ‘Relationships’ page.  This page allows you to add your Educational Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor to your e-Portfolio.  To do this, follow the instructions below:

As you start to type the names of your supervisors (Educational Supervisor required), potential matches will display. If no matches are found, try searching by first name or last name alone.

Select the correct individual from the list of matches and click 'Update'.

STEP 2:  set your Hospital
Click on the ‘My Details’ tab in the top righthand corner of the screen. This should navigate you to the ‘View Your User Details’ page in the ‘User Details’ tab.  To change the settings, click on the ‘Edit’ button..

Update the hospital entry and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

College Tutors will also need to update their hospital as explained above or trainees.

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