Suggestions for Change

Though there is a limited budget for changes and improvements to e-Portfolio, we do consider suggestions from trainees, trainers and administrative staff.

The table below shows current requests for change, along with general updates to e-Portfolio.

System Area Details User Suggestion/RCoA Status Date
Assessments Removal of summative aspects of assessment forms User / RCoA Complete 01/08/2015
Unit of Training Sign Off Greater demarcation to ensure the correct Unit is selected when creating the form User Complete 01/08/2015
Training Year Training levels (Basic / Intermediate / Higher) to be used in place of training years on the personal details section RCoA Complete 01/08/2015
Hospitals We are currently updating the list of hospitals on the site. Also, rather than being listed via 'School of Anaesthesia', there will be one list organised alphabetically User/RCoA Complete 01/02/2016
Curriculum Addition of Perioperative Medicine RCoA


ESSR Addition of comments box for trainee RCoA Under review  

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