The Anaesthesia Trainee Representative Group (ATRG)

The Anaesthesia Trainee Representative Group (ATRG) was formed in July 2014 and consists of one trainee representative from each School of Anaesthesia along with co-opted members from the Faculties of Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine. The objectives of the ATRG are:

  • Enable a more sustainable and operable system to ensure true representation of trainee concerns and views and ensure the College has an effective, UK wide means of seeking trainee input.
  • Effectively inform and alert trainees to issues affecting them and to be able to address grass roots concerns.
  • Encourage greater trainee engagement with the College.

Dr JP Lomas, Chair

  • Trainee Member of Council

Dr Jenny Cheung, Deputy Chair

  • Trainee Member of Council

Dr Kate Tatham

  • Trainee Committee

Dr Helen Gordon 

  • Trainee Committee

Dr Toni Brunning

  • Trainee Committee

Dr Deirdre Conway

  • Trainee Committee, GAT representatve

Dr Jamie Strachan

  • Technology Strategy Review Research Fellow

Dr Myra McAdam

  • Trainee Committee

Dr Andy Owen

  • National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA)

Dr Lyndsey Forbes

  • Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG)

Dr Sarah Fadden

  • Trainee Representative, Defence

Dr Sheila Black

  • Trainee Representative, Faculty of Pain Medicine

Dr Lina Fazianie

  • Education Fellow

Dr Jamie Plumb

  • Trainee Representative, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Hannah Smith

  • Bart's and the London School of Anaesthesia

Dr Felicity Corcoran

  • Birmingham School

Dr Ellie Walker

  • Central School of Anaesthesia

Dr Jane Hermanowski

  • East of England School of Anaesthesia

Dr Rishie Sinha

  • East Midlands North School

Dr Justine Elliott

  • Imperial School of Anaesthesia

Dr Alister Seaton

  • Kent, Surrey and Sussex School of Anaesthesia

Dr Tamryn Miller

  • Mersey School of Anaesthesia

Dr Sarah Rae

  • North Scotland School of Anaesthesia

Dr Mohammed Akuji

  • North West School of Anaesthesia

Dr E Pugh

  • Northern School of Anaesthesia

Dr Gareth Paul

  • Northern Ireland School of Anaesthesia

Dr Daniel Wood

  • Oxford School of Anaesthesia

Dr Alexandra Hughes

  • Peninsula School

Dr Karen Pearson

  • Scottish Advisory Board

Dr Kate Samuel

  • Severn School

Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly

  • South East (SESA) School of Anaesthesia

Dr Thomas Bloomfield

  • South East Scotland School of Anaesthesia

Dr Lucy Whitefield

  • St George's School of Anaesthesia

Dr Thomas Chapman

  • Stoke (West Midlands) School of Anaesthesia

Dr John Rae

  • Tayside School of Anaesthesia

Dr Laura Dyal

  • Warwickshire School of Anaesthesia 

Dr Jon Holland

  • Welsh School of Anaesthesia

Dr Rachel Ford

  • Wessex School

Dr Chris Lochrin

  • West of Scotland School of Anaesthesia

Dr Stewart Prestwich

  • Yorkshire and the Humber School – West Programme

Dr Chris Smales

  • Yorkshire and the Humber School - East Programme

Dr Charlotte Anderson

  • Yorkshire and the Humber School – South Programme







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