Changes to your training programme

Out of Programme (OOP) opportunities

OOP Training and OOP Research

A maximum of 12 months training undertaken outside the UK can be included in your training programme and count towards your CCT/CESR(CP); this requires prospective approval by the College, your Deanery, and the GMC. 

To apply for College approval complete the OOPT/R form and return to the training department at at least three months prior to starting.

On completion of your OOP the College will require reports from you and your supervisor for the Training, Curriculum, and Assessment Committee to review and confirm that you have met your stated objectives.


OOPT/R application form

OOPT/R report form

OOP Experience and OOP Career Break

Out of programme time for experience or career break not counting towards your CCT/CESR(CP) can be arranged with your School.  It is helpful for us to know the dates in advance; there are no College forms to complete so please email the training department at  When you return to training, please let us know the exact dates of your time out so that we can recalculate your prospective completion date.

Locum Appointment for Training (LAT)

This form should be sent to the College detailing any LAT posts to be counted towards training. ARCP records for the time requested must be included. Recognition of LAT should be applied for retrospectively.

Application for recognition of LAT

Maternity and paternity leave

In order for us to recalculate your completion date accurately, pleaes supply us with the following information after you have returned to your training rotation:

  • Exact last working day before taking maternity/paternity leave (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Exact dates of maternity/paternity leave (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • ANY periods of annual leave taken (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Exact first working day back after maternity/paternity leave (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Percentage you return at (LTFT)
  • ANY periods of unpaid leave or further breaks in training