FAQs ST4 Self Assessment

We will continue to add FAQs to this page,  but we also encourage you to read the ST4 self assessment guidance, if you are unsure of anything, as you may find the answer in the guidance. 

Yes, this is awarded 4 points in Domain 2, if you have received a Letter of Commendation or the Nuffield Prize (no points are awarded for achieving a level of distinction in an individual component of the Primary).

No; you only require to fulfil one of the bullet points for 4/5 points.

Yes you should submit your evidence according to the grid, and must supply evidence that the journal is peer-reviewed.

In general, no. If a score is changed within a Domain, this will be scored according to the Domain criteria. However, if an applicant scores themselves more highly and then has no supporting documentation for this score, they may have a reduction in the Global Rating Score. Candidates should read the self assessment guidance carefully to ensure that they score themselves correctly.

No; however, if the research led to a publication, this can be awarded points in Domain 7.

No; across the grid, all descriptors which contain more than one bullet point are either/or.

An MD that is awarded as part of standard anaesthetic training does not score points.(See applicant guidance for further details)

The criteria for domain 9 were change in 2022 by MDRS across all specialties. This  change was to allow applicants to count more local educational events as some do not have access to regional and national courses which would disadvantage them. It includes points for simulation and regional anaesthesia CPD to reflect the greater emphasis on these in stage 1 training where the majority of doctors in training will have had regional access to these events.

Yes this would count as 2 points in Domain 1.