CPD Webcast of the Month Archive

Anaphylaxis, Dr Nigel Harper
Arterial Hypertension, Professor Pierre Foex
Accidental Awareness, Dr Jonathan Hardman
Organ Donation, Dr P Murphy
Emergency laparotomy, Dr D Murray
Acute pain management and major lower limb surgery, Dr B Fischer
The unanticipated difficult intubation, Dr M Sandby-Thomas
Aortic stenosis and non-cardiac surgery, Dr J Berridge
Haemovigilance of transfusion alternatives, Dr D Thomas
Trauma: Prehospital anaesthesia – the same but different, Professor David Lockey
Arresting the development of opioid analgesic tolerance, Dr Tim Hales
Sedation, Professor R Sneyd
Management of acute brain injury, Dr Ian Tweedie
How to do ultrasound and how it improves your life, Dr Chris Thompson
Echocardiography – fit for general anaesthesia?, Dr N Fletcher
Update on Airway Management, Dr A Higgs
ß-Blockers in Non-cardiac Surgery - An Update, Dr P Kakodkar
Clinical concepts and principles of day care surgery, Dr I Smith
Management of major hammorhage, Dr B Cotton
Co-morbities for the bariatric patient, Dr J Cousins
Co-morbities for the bariatric patient, Dr Jonathan Cousins
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