Anaesthesia Clinical Services Accreditation (ACSA)

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is the latest ACSA accredited department

What is ACSA?

Anaesthesia Clinical Services Accreditation is a voluntary scheme for NHS and independent sector organisations that offers quality improvement through peer review. The scheme has been developed by the RCoA Quality Management of Service Group and the Clinical Quality Directorate.

Engagement with the scheme entails a period of detailed self-assessment against the ACSA standards and gap analysis. Assistance and support in improving those areas is then offered. This includes access to the Good Practice Library; a collection of good practice documents and guidance gathered from organisations that are engaged with the scheme. When the organisation achieves 100% compliance with the ACSA standards and this has been confirmed during an onsite review, they become accredited.

Why become accredited?

Organisations that engage with ACSA will benefit from:

  • A structured and supportive process for improving services.
  • An expert advisory on-site review, followed by a report that provides targeted advice.
  • Benchmarking against standards and anonymised local, regional and national performance.
  • The engagement of staff in service improvement.

Accredited departments will:

  • Be entitled to use a quality mark to denote their commitment to quality and patient care.
  • Be awarded a plaque to display in the department.
  • Be more attractive to potential employees and trainees.

How much does it cost?

The annual subscription charge is based on the size and complexity of the department. The minimum cost is £2,550 (excluding VAT) per year for a small single-site hospital and the initial term of engagement will be four years.  This fee may increase annually in line with UK inflation rates; however, subscribers will be offered the opportunity to buy a 4 year subscription in advance; fixed at four times the agreed charge for year one and thereby protected from any inflationary increase.

If you have any queries about costs, please contact