Fellow ad Eundem

This Fellowship is open to doctors practising in anaesthesia, critical care or pain medicine in the UK and hold a substantive consultant post at time of application, but do not hold the RCoA Fellowship in anaesthesia and who meet the criteria as set out in the accompanying guidance document. The applications for this category are approved by the RCoA Nominations Committee.

£520.00 (UK rate)

£260.00 (High Income Countries - according to World Bank Definitions)

£195.00 (Middle Income Countries (Lower-middle and Upper-middle) - according to World Bank Definitions)

£130.00 (Low Income Countries - according to World Bank Definitions)

The application form and guidance for this category is available here.

Application forms received by 19 August 2022 will be considered at the September Nominations Committee. However, this is subject to the number of applications received and the agenda capacity for each Committee meeting so your application might be moved to a later date. If this is the case the Membership Engagement team or secretary of the Nominations Committee will notify you.

Benefits of Fellowship ad Eundem membership

We are committed to building a strong membership and professional body that all anaesthetists can be proud of and are devoted to supporting you throughout every stage of your career.

Results from our recent membership surveys show a clear majority of our membership rate the College ‘good’ or ‘very good’ as a membership organisation – something we are proud of. Delivering good value for money is important to us, and we have been able to maintain some of the lowest membership fees across the Medical Royal Colleges whilst ensuring we provide our Fellows and Members with a wide range of benefits.

Please see the list of some top benefits for this membership category below:

For a full list of benefits the College provides its membership, dependent on categories, please click here.

Through your membership, the College is also able to advance our specialty by carrying out important work in clinical standards, patient safety and research. This includes:

* access to the Lifelong Learning platform can be requested after approval of membership application has been received by a Fellow/ Member

To be able to take full advantage of College benefits
and get involved in College initiatives