Scottish Board

Scottish Board

The Scottish Board meetings are extremely busy and cover a lot of ground including quality and safety, professionalism and excellence, training and workforce planning, and links with Scottish Government work. They offer a chance to ‘link up’ activity in Scotland and provide an opportunity to highlight issues to the College Council at the RCoA.

Dr Daphne Varveris

"Office bearers and elected members of the Scottish Board are joined at the meetings by representatives from College Council, including either the president or a vice president and members of the RCoA’s senior management team. The Board benefits from input from the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network and academic anaesthesia as it focuses on initiatives such as POM and health improvement work."

Scottish Board Election

Timetable and how to stand for election 

  • 29 November 2022: Nominations open 

  • 5 January 2022: Nominations close at 12 noon  

  • 26 January 2022: Ballot begins 
    All those eligible to vote will be invited to do so by email. 

  • 16 February 2022: Close of ballot 
    Electronic voting will be closed at 12 noon. The election results will be declared via the College website as soon as possible.  

All candidates are requested to hold the dates of the 2023 Scottish Board meetings in their diaries. 

  • Tuesday 7 February 2023 – in-person, provisionally 10:00 – 13:00 

  • Tuesday 6 June 2023 – in-person, start time provisionally 10:00 

  • Tuesday 3 October 2023 – in-person, start time provisionally 10:00

How to apply

The Board term of reference, outlining the role of members can be found here.  All those wishing to be elected are asked to read this document prior to self-nominating.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr Daphne Varveris, Chair, to discuss the role further and gain insight into the experience of being on the Scottish Board. The online application can be found here.  Please also use our canvassing guidelines which set out the manner in which all candidates for elected College roles are required to conduct canvassing.   

Terms of office begin in February 2023 and there are the following vacancies: 

  • Two consultant vacancies. Consultant members of the Board are elected for a term of three years and are eligible to serve for one further term of three years with the mutual agreement of the elected member and the Board Chair. Those eligible to stand are Fellows of the College (either by examination or ad eundem) working in Scotland who are on the specialist register of the GMC. Please note that eligibility is based on the main address that is registered with the College. 
  • One SAS vacancy. There is one SAS member of the Board who is elected for a term of three years and is eligible to serve for one further term of three years with the mutual agreement of the elected member and the Board Chair. Those eligible to stand are Fellows and Members of the College who are Staff or Associate Specialists working in Scotland. Please note that eligibility is based on the main address that is registered with the College.

Scottish Board

The Board comprises an elected member of Council, five elected Consultant members, one elected Staff or Associate Specialist (SAS) and one Trainee. It also includes representation from the following:

  • College President/Vice President
  • the Scottish Pain Medicine RAA
  • The convenor of the Scottish Committee of the Association of Anaesthetists
  • An Honorary Secretary of the Scottish Society of Anaesthetists
  • The Anaesthetic Adviser to the CMO for Scotland
  • the College's Lay Committee
  • a Clinical Director.

The current Board members are:

Dr Daphne Varveris, Chair & CMO Specialty Adviser

Dr Steve Cole, Vice Chair

Dr Jon McGhie, Vice Chair

Dr Monika Beatty, RA in ICM & Scottish Intensive Care Society

Dr Paul Bourke, Chair, AAGBI, SSC

Dr Cameron Weir, RA, East of Scotland

Dr Lesley Colvin, Representative on SIGN

Dr Alastair Thomson, Clinical Director

Dr Paul Fettes

Dr Pavan Raju Bangalore, Scottish Society of Anaesthetists

Dr Kenneth Rodgers

Dr Nicola Hogan, Elected Trainee Member

Dr Pete Paisley, RA, Pain Medicine

Dr Alastair McDiarmid, RA, North East Scotland

Dr Laura McGarrity, Perioperative Medicine Representative

Dr Malcolm Smith, RA, West of Scotland

Dr Sarah Ramsay, Elected Member

Dr Neil O'Donnell, Co-opted Member, Workforce

Dr Ann Shearer, Lay Representative

Dr Malcolm Sim, Academic Medicine Representative

Dr John Wilson, RA, South East Scotland

Dr Sonya McKinlay, Elected Member

Dr Kate Carey, Elected Member

Dr Ross Junkin, Elected Member

Minutes from the past two Scottish Board meetings can be found below:

A key objective of this group is improving engagement with the profession in Scotland, including a commitment to participate in College activities in Scotland. E-newsletters go out to Scottish members with updates from across their workstreams. If you have any ideas for topics, please email the Chair.



    You can find the most recent Scottish Newsletter here