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Getting started with the Lifelong Learning Platform

We are currently creating a range of guidance to assist with using the e-Portfolio, Logbook and CPD functions within the Lifelong Learning Platform.

Please revisit this page regularly, as we will be adding new and updated content.

Important Information and links

  • We are continuously improving the Lifelong Learning platform, which includes fixing bugs and making changes that our members have requested. 
    You will find the details of all recent improvements on our System Updates and Improvements page, which is regularly updated.
  • In April we deployed "Phase one" of our logbook feature improvements, marking the beginning of a series of advancements, intended to improve your learning experience. As we progress through the year, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, and we will continue to enhance the platform's capabilities. Please click here to view the details of these logbook improvements.

  • If you need to change your curriculum, please click here to complete the Curriculum change form.
  • If you need to change your Deanery and/or School of Anaesthesia, please click here to complete the change of School form.
  • A reminder to please check you have selected the correct participant/assessor when initiating an assessment, especially during the busy ARCP season.  If you have incorrectly been sent an assessment "For your review", please open the form in question and select (or enter where applicable) "unable to comment", before returning and subsequently dismissing the form from your "Assessing" tab.

Introduction to using the LLP

Please note that this section is currently under construction and some the following links may be inactive or only contain place holder information.

YouTube guidance videos for anaesthetists in training

We have created multiple YouTube videos as guidance for anaesthetists in training, assessors and supervisors. We will be adding additional and updated content regularly.

The most recent videos, which address commonly reported issues and questions, are listed below:


The Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report (ESSR) allows the panel to review what an anaesthetist in training has done over the review period. Panel members will also be able to review the user’s progress by accessing the ‘review curriculum’ page from within the form.

Yes, via personal activities, however, you will need to add supporting documents. You will be given the option to select if you want to make them visible on ESSR.

We have leads for each region who have been closely involved in the development of the platform. Click here to find out who the lead is in your region.

For consultants and SAS doctors, a full User Guide on the CPD functionality is available below: