System updates and improvements

Improving your Lifelong Learning Platform

We are continuously monitoring the Lifelong Learning platform to ensure that all of our users receive the best experience possible.


We will be fixing bugs and identifying where improvements can be made, ensuring that our Regional Leads are aware of any updates.

We welcome your feedback as this contributes to improved functionality and a better user experience –  please send your comments to:


Release updates

Our release updates offer brief, high-level descriptions of technical issues that have been resolved, as well as enhancements and new features. Details of the most recent updates will be shown below.



Area of LLP impacted

Description of work

8 March 2023 48 Whole system

Adding a "Help & Support" link to the dashboard: Users will be able to click on the link and access a web page that contains information on how to use the LLP.

8 March 2023 48 ACCS

FEGS form: Wording and form text box updates.

8 March 2023 48 Assessors

Assessors creating forms: Removed the ability for assessors to create WBAs or SLEs on behalf of learners.

8 March 2023 48 ANAES & FICM

Dual trainee assessments: Supervisors now able to view approved SLEs that have been dual linked by Learners to the Anaesthetics and ICM Curricula.

8 March 2023 48 CPD

CPD Activity form end date picker population: The LLP will now automatically enter (force) an End Date for each the CPD activity, initially defaulting to the same date as that entered for the Start Date.

8 March 2023 48 CPD

CPD activity report: Now features the event name.

24 January 2023 47 Whole system Implementation of a major system upgrade (latest Laravel version) to improve stability, security and functionality.
12 January 2023 46 MSF Participant emails: Resolved recent issue with sending MSF participant emails

Reminder emails: Improvement where MSF invites can now be resent after 24 hours

20 December 2022 45 User profile and ARCPs

User profile: Bug fixed where a date in the past for the Final Exam could not be selected when using the calendar button

ARCP: Improvement where CT4 has been added as an option in the Outcome Form

ARCP: Bug fixed where an error had been generated when trying to save the Form without a date

7 December 2022 43.1 Schools and deaneries Merged the three London deaneries into a single deanery to better manage the appropriate accesses and controls. Click here for more information
20 September 2022 42.0 FICM Fixed a bug where the ICM SSY module was not displaying for all ICM Supervisory roles when they were assessing FICM Learners' curriculum progress
26 August 2022 41.0 EQ1A Form Fixed a bug where the IAC and IACOA certificate dates from the 2010 Curriculum were not populating the EQ1A Form


For consultants and SAS doctors, a full User Guide on the CPD functionality is available below: