RCoA Centre for Research and Improvement (CR&I)

The CR&I oversees delivery of the College's research projects

Our vision is to improve patient care, health and outcomes through research and improvement in anaesthesia and perioperative care.

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Our mission

To ensure that every anaesthetist, at every stage of their career, whatever their role or interest, has the ability and opportunity to generate high quality evidence and use research to drive improvements throughout a patient’s perioperative journey. To support the development of future programmes that continue to ask the ‘big’ important questions and ensure the appropriate methodology is used to answer them.

About us

The Centre for Research and Improvement (CR&I) launched in 2023 and saw the merging of the existing Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) and the Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network (POMCTN).

The CR&I is the national centre of excellence for health services research in anaesthesia and associated specialties. Its purpose is to define, evaluate and improve quality in anaesthesia, perioperative care and pain management. The CR&I oversees the delivery of all College research projects, including:


Strategic aims

  1. Delivering national level research, audit and quality improvement (QI) projects.
  2. Disseminating and presenting research findings in clear, understandable, and relevant ways.
  3. Bridging and understanding the implementation gap,
  4. Developing future and current clinical researchers in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine.

Take a look at the latest publications and details on recent presentations from CR&I projects


The CR&I is governed by its Executive Management Board. Members include the leads for its constituent projects, including the NAPs, NELA, PQIP, SNAPs, CASAP and COMPAC. 

The Board has several trainee members, who are either CR&I Fellows undertaking research linked to one of these core projects, or are representatives of the Research and Audit Federation of Trainees or the National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia.