Recruitment into anaesthesia

Entry into the training programme

The College provides support to the anaesthesia recruitment process in the UK. This page has the most up to date information on recruitment and links on how to enter the anaesthesia training programme.

Here you can find information on:

  • Upcoming events
  • Core and higher specialty training
  • Information for trainees
  • The recruitment functions of RCoA, NHS England/ANRO and MDRS
  • RCoA Recruitment Committee


Upcoming events

Dates for Webinars in 2025 will be released later in the year


Core and higher specialty training

The Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office (ANRO) oversee recruitment to  core anaesthesia and ACCS anaesthesia (CT1), as well as recruitment to higher anaesthesia training posts (ST4). Information on how to apply, the national recruitment timeline, applicant guidance and person specifications can be found on the  ANRO website.

We recommend all potential applicants read the person specifications to assess eligibility and qualifications required and the applicant guidance which sets out the whole process from application to offer. 

For information on the anaesthesia training programme, the stages of training and the requirements for completion, please see our Training Hub.   


Information for trainees

  • CT1 Interview Format and How to Prepare video

The CT1 Interview Format and How to prepare video is for those intending to apply for August 2024 or February 2025 starts.  You can access the video here

  • Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) 2022-2023 practice paper

Here you can find a useful link on the NHSE website, on practice paper with answer key and rationales for the MSRA.

  • ST4 portfolio preparation video

The ST4 portfolio preparation video is for anyone intending to apply for August 2024 or February 2025 starts.  You can access the video link here.

  • ST4 Interview Format and How to Prepare video

The ST4 Interview Format and How to Prepare video is for those intending to apply for August 2024 or February 2025 starts. You can access the video here.


The recruitment functions of RCoA, NHS England, ANRO and MDRS

The College works closely with external stakeholders who oversee the process of  National Recruitment. The section below outlines the differing  responsibilities of those involved in recruitment.  

The Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) is the professional body that is responsible for setting standards for anaesthetists and anaesthetists in training in the UK. Recruitment is integral to upholding training standards and making sure the right doctors are selected to the speciality. The RCoA support its own Recruitment Committee who are  a group of experienced anaesthetic consultants , the chair of which represents the College as a stakeholder to NHS England (formerly known as HEE), ANRO and the Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection (MDRS). The College advises these external stakeholders in providing clinical expert knowledge and input to the recruitment process.  The College does not manage or control the recruitment process or set the number of training places.

ANRO sits within NHS England and is the responsible organisation for overseeing the whole of the national recruitment process for CT1 anaesthesia, ACCS anaesthesia and ST4 anaesthesia. They manage the policy and procedural formalities from job advert to job offer. ANRO liaise with local education offices and recruitment leads to coordinate and deliver recruitment. They feedback to the RCoA Recruitment Committee on fill rates, appeals, complaints and guide the recruitment process. 

The Medical and Dental Recruitment Selection section of NHSE oversee all of specialty recruitment and represent the 4 statutory education bodies (4 nations). They ensure the standards in delivery of recruitment across all specialities are equitable and fair. They have representation from the  BMA junior doctor representatives, the General Medical Council, National Institute for Health Research, Royal College recruitment representatives and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges representatives.

RCoA Recruitment Committee

The purpose of the Recruitment Committee (RC) is to represent the College on all aspects related to Recruitment. The committee discusses and reviews all aspects of the recruitment process set out by MDRS and ANRO and make appropriate recommendations that support doctors who wish to apply for an anaesthetic training post in the UK. 

Recruitment follows the principles set out by MDRS. The role of this committee is to evaluate and implement these changes if deemed appropriate and provide recommendations to MDRS if they are not suitable for recruitment to Anaesthesia.  

The Committee has dedicated consultant members who are passionate about the work they do in recruitment. The Committees wide spectrum of activities include input to the person specifications for CT1 and ST4, developing and improving the ST4 self-assessment and associated guidances and the banks of questions used at CT1 and ST4 interviews. They are also responsible for providing accurate educational material and communication to members and applicants.  

The Committee is made up of members who have a wealth of experience of recruitment including representatives from the  devolved nations, Regional Advisors, quality assurance lead, question bank leads, self- assessment leads, ACCS and FICM representatives and representatives from Anaesthetists in Training network, including members from ANRO and MDRS. They report directly to the Education, Training and Examinations Board and engage on a biannual basis to all of the stakeholders in recruitment to anaesthesia 

Should you have any questions to be directed to the RCoA on recruitment please send them to


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