Become a College Representative

Become a College Representative

College Representatives assist the College by promoting the specialty and the College's work by providing their expertise in many fields. This ranges from assisting in the day-to-day management of the training programmes, to research and examinations.

For further information on the *College Representatives in each School of Anaesthesia, click on the regions in the map below for the key School staff and their location.

Here you can find out how to become:

  • Regional Advisor
  • College Tutor

Regional Advisers

Regional Advisers Anaesthesia (RAAs) are senior College representatives, appointed by Council, to represent their School and associated area to the College and vice versa. The role largely involves training but has widened to encompass all aspects of College work; clinical quality and standards, communications, Lifelong Learning. Deputy RAAs (DRAA) will normally mirror RAA posts but may also be appointed to improve representation, with approval of Council.

Regional Advisers Information

Three years initially with eligibility for re-appointment for further three years (maximum six years).

There is currently a vacancies for:

Regional Adviser Anaesthesia in Peninsula

Deputy Regional Adviser St George's

For any further information on these posts please email 

Please see below for a copy of the application form which should be submitted to the RAAs administrator, along with:

  • a short CV, focusing on educational and leadership attributes
  • a statement of what the applicant considers he/she would bring to the role (500 words max)
  • a letter of support from your Trust (Clinical Director, DME or Medical Director) acknowledging support and appropriate time to attend Regional Adviser meetings and perform duties within the School and region.

The appointment process is overseen by a Vice-President, on behalf of the President, and approved by Council.

If more than one application is received, the Vice-President appoints the outgoing RAA to act on their behalf and convene a selection process. This may be a ballot or interview but must involve representation from the local school, Trusts, and educational board. The details of the selection process will be discussed with the Vice-President before commencing. In the event of no decision being made locally, the President has a casting vote which they can delegate. Final approval will be given by Council.

Please see the links below for further detailed information on the appointment process, job description and person specification for all posts. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the RAAs administrator.

All completed applications must be sent by email before 12 noon on the closing date.

Lead RAA representatives for the year from September 2023 to September 2024 are listed below:

  • Dr Simon Maguire, RAA North West
  • Dr Nirmala Soundararajan, RAA East and North Yorkshire

Click here to find your local RAA

College Tutors

Often the first point of contact, College Tutors provide valuable support to the College and to trainees, by overseeing and supporting them through their education and training.

College Tutors (CT) act as an educational lead for anaesthetic training within the department and help to ensure that the educational, pastoral and career planning needs of all trainees are addressed. They implement, monitor and improve the training programme in conjunction with the Dean of Medical Education (DME) (or equivalent), Deanery and Regional Adviser Anaesthesia (RAA). They work with the relevant Training Programme Director (TPD) and Head of School to ensure placements fulfil the programme requirements.

College Tutors also provide representation at training committees, both internally and externally, as required and represent the RCoA in the workplace and vice versa. They help to ensure that all those in training and assessing trainees have received the appropriate training. They assist in managing trainee performance issues in line with the Trust policy and in conjunction with the DME, this includes ensuring trainees receive appropriate departmental induction.

They provide or arrange for the provision of educational support and guidance for SAS and locally employed doctors within the department.


College Tutors Information

The appointment requires support of RAA and includes consultation with the local hospital and School. The process is co-ordinated by the RAA or if he/she is conflicted, by the Deputy RAA or a RAA from a different region. Support is required from:

  • the local anaesthetic department’s consultant body and other career grade colleagues; evidenced by support of the Clinical Director/Lead Clinician for anaesthesia

  • the employing authority, evidenced by support of the DME (or equivalent doctor).

  • the local School of Anaesthesia, evidenced by support of the HoS or Postgraduate Dean (PGD), or equivalent

  • the head of the local academic Department of Anaesthesia, where relevant

If there is only one applicant in good standing with the College who meets all of the essential criteria detailed on the Person Specification, the forms will be forwarded to the College.

If there is more than one suitable applicant, selection is by either ballot or interview, to be decided by the RAA and the DME, taking into account the wishes of the local anaesthetic department.

  • A ballot will be held among the above constituents. A simple majority will suffice and in the event of equal votes, the DME (or equivalent) will have a casting vote which can be delegated.

  • The DME (or equivalent) arranges an interview. The panel will comprise the DME (or his/her nominated deputy) a RAA (or his/her deputy), and a nominee from the PGD’s Office. The name of the successful candidate will be sent to the College for approval.

Completed applications should be sent electronically to the College Regional Representatives Coordinator. Each month the completed applications will be circulated electronically to members of the Education Training and Examinations Board for approval. Successful applicants and their RAA and employer will be notified as soon as possible after approval.

An Additional College Tutor may be approved for departments with 20 or more trainees, providing there is support from the local RAA and Trust.

College Tutors representatives for the year from September 2023 to September 2024 are listed below.

  •   Dr Ruwanmali De Silva 
  •   Dr Oliver Daly 

In addition to representing Tutors on a number of College Committees, Lead College Tutors are also responsible for drafting the programmes for the New Tutors' and College Tutors' meetings.

Bernard Johnson Advisers

Less Than Full Time Training

The main purpose of the Bernard Johnson Adviser (BJA) for Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT) role is to provide high-level representation of matters relating to less than full time training across the UK, facilitate two-way communication to enable dissemination of information and coordination of feedback, and to share best practice in less than full time working policy in postgraduate medical education and training.

Want to work for wider NHS England?

A letter signed by Amanda Pritchard, NHSE CEO, has been sent to NHS organisations in England about the release of doctors for work for the wider NHS, including college activity. The letter writes to encourage NHS organisations and their Board to look favourably on requests from doctors wishing to undertake national or regional work for the wider benefit of the public and of health services. 

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College Representatives Contact:

Karen Morris, Regional Representatives Co-ordinator

tel: 020 7092 1573


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