Honours, Awards and Prizes

The College has a range of honours, awards and prizes that are awarded to individuals and teams in the pursuit of anaesthetic excellence. 

The information below sets out the current process which allows the College to recognise outstanding achievement in the fields of anaesthesia or relevant science, critical care medicine or pain medicine.

Reflection on the successful contributions made by previous recipients is a good starting point when considering at what level a nomination should be advanced.

Any Fellow or member can suggest nominations for consideration on behalf of Council by the Nominations Committee. This Committee is the most senior Committee of Council, usually chaired by a current or previous Vice-President, and including the President and Vice-Presidents, members of Council and the Chief Executive. The Committee normally meets twice yearly although electronic communications may be used if nominees are being considered for specific events or against accelerated timelines. The Secretary to the Committee co-ordinates this process and is the primary point of contact for proposed nominations.

The recommendations of the Committee are considered and ratified by Council without appeal. The process meets the requirements of discrimination legislation. Self-nomination is discouraged, except for those awards made by application. Previous receipt of an award does not preclude a further nomination of a different award.