Advisory Appointments Committees and Job Description Approvals


 Workforce and Wellbeing Job Description Statement

From 3rd of April 2023, in order to gain RCoA approval, job descriptions for Consultant and SAS grade posts in anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine need to include a statement regarding what wellbeing support is available for members of the department.

This statement should include examples of how workforce wellbeing is supported both within the department and the wider trust/board. This might include:

  • Local occupational health support
  • Proactive local organisational systems to support doctors following a serious incident
  • Availability of local initiatives and resources to promote workforce wellbeing.

Examples might involve coaching and mentoring, peer review groups and participation in the Association of Anaesthetists mentoring scheme.

From 3rd of April 2023 Regional Advisors will be expected to challenge any job descriptions that do not include a statement on workforce wellbeing provision.

If you have any questions, please email

FAQs relating to the introduction of the new specialist doctor grade

The requirements for the new specialist doctor grade in terms of JD approval and representation on interview panels are broadly the same as those for SAS grade doctors. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges approved the concordat for College and Faculty involvement in the recruitment process for this new grade of doctors in February 2021. The RCoA is happy to review job descriptions for appointments at this level, and will send an assessor to interview panels upon request.

There are many materials published on the NHS Employers website regarding both the reform of the contract for SAS doctors, and the introduction of the specialist grade.

Job description approvals

The College manages the approval of job descriptions and person specifications for consultant and SAS grade posts in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine and pain medicine.

To submit a job description/person specification for approval, please email it to

Attendance at AAC panels

The College nominates assessors to attend AAC panels where requested. It is expected that eight weeks’ notice is given to maximise the chances of finding an appropriate assessor to attend.

Once a panel date has been agreed internally, medical HR are requested to email with the date, time and location of the panel, attaching a copy of the approved JD and the approval form to request an assessor to attend.