Get involved in Research

There are many ways for clinicians, patients and the public to engage with perioperative research

As a funder, developer and deliverer of high quality healthcare research, we at the Royal College of Anaesthetists believe it is fundamental that all anaesthetists, associated specialists, patients and members of the public are involved in the research process.

Through its many research projects delivered by the Health Services Research Centre, the Royal College of Anaesthetists advocates the involvement of patients, carers, the public, medical trainees and allied health professionals in anaesthetic and perioperative research.

For example, within the SNAP2 study, in which a trainee took a leadership role, we recruited 23,000 patients in one week with nearly 3,000 grassroots clinicians collecting the data. This approach, which is called 'Citizen Science', is used in lots of other fields and the HSRC is keen to use it more in perioperative medicine as a way to deliver research at low cost to the taxpayer.

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