Medical school anaesthesia societies

Medical school anaesthesia societies are set up by medical students within their medical schools around the UK

They all have a general goal of raising awareness of anaesthesia and critical care, and they provide opportunity for its members to demonstrate their interest in these specialties.

Activities of the anaesthesia and critical care societies may include:

  • career events and workshops
  • mentoring schemes, and
  • revision talks and lectures.

Please click here to view our Competency Framework for medical student education in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain and perioperative medicine.

The table below lists the known medical school anaesthesia societies and their contact details. For further information, please contact the society or association directly.

Medical school Society or association Contact information
Lancaster University

Anaesthesia and Acute Medicine Society Lancaster

Robert Pyne, President

University of East Anglia (Norwich) Norwich Anaesthetics Society

Liam Ward, President

University of Leicester

Leicester University Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society 

Mariam Omar and Idil Hassan, Presidents

University of Dundee  University of Dundee Emergency and Critical Care Society (DECCS)

Calum Friel, President

Newcastle University Newcastle University Anaesthetic Society (NSACC)

Katie Ward, President

Cambridge University Cambridge University Anaesthetics Society (CUAS)

Roma McCluskey, President

Queen's University Belfast Medical School

Queen's University Belfast Anaesthesia and Critical Care society (ACCS)

Wioletta Witek, President

University of Exeter Medical School  Exeter Acute Care and Anaesthetics Society (EACAS)

Sophie Wilson, President

Cardiff University Cardiff University Anaesthetics, Perioperative and Intensive Care Society (CAPS)

Emily Appadurai, President

Aberdeen University Medical School Aberdeen University Anaesthetics Society

Nicola Newall, President  

St George's Medical School St George's Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society

Joseph Wenden, Co-President

Stephen Daly, Co-President

Nottingham Medical School Pins and Needles Anaesthetics Society

Ella Quintela, President

University of Southampton

Southampton Society of Anaesthetics and Critical Care

Callum Phillips, President

Brighton and Sussex Medical School Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS) Anaesthetics Society

Stefania Tsatsari, President

Kings College Medical School Kings College London Anaesthetics Society

Suzy Anthony-Uzoeto, President

Warwick Medical School Warwick Anaesthesia & Critical Care Society

James Barry, Co-President

Jessica Mooney, Co-President

Oxford Medical School Oxford Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society

Sarah Flaherty, President

Birmingham Medical School Birmingham Society for Anaesthetics and Critical Care Medicine
University of Manchester Medical School

Manchester Medical Society Section of Anaesthesia

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Barts and The London Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Society (BLAICS)

Sarah Hui, President

University College London UCLU Medical Society: Critical Care and Anaesthesia

Em Lloyd, Chair

Sheffield Medical School Sheffield Anaesthetics Society

Chris Mayo, President

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

Plymouth Acute Care and Anaesthetics Society

Miles Edwards, President

Imperial College London Imperial College Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Society
University of Keele Medical School Keele Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society


University of Leeds Medical School Leeds Undergraduate Anaesthetics Society

Daniel Potter

University of Glasgow Glasgow Anaesthetics Society (GAS) 

Sarah Agnew, President

Chloe Doris, Vice President

Edinburgh Medical School Edinburgh University Anaesthesia and Critical Care Society

Alasdair Smith, President

University of Liverpool Liverpool Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society

James Turnbull, President

University of Buckingham Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society

Maryam Borumand

Hull York Medical School HYMS Acute Care and Anaesthetics Society 

Théo Welch, President

Gamze Keser, Vice President

University of Bristol University of Bristol Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society (UBSACC)

Francesca Blest, President

University of Central Lancashire Anaesthetics and ICU Society

Stephanie Barron, President

Chloe Menzies, Vice President

Swansea University Swansea University Anaesthetic Society

James Cutler, President

It is important that we keep our records of medical societies up-to-date. If you are a society president or member and would like to add or update your details, please contact us.