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Stop before the Op

23 Feb 2012

A new patient information leaflet explaining why it is especially helpful to give up smoking before an operation. Developed by the Anaesthetic department, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust   ...more

NEW guidelines: Local anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery

22 Feb 2012

There have been major advances in every aspect of the management of the ophthalmic surgical patient. These include the shift to day care, increased focus on the patient, and the involvement of the entire ophthalmic team in all components of the process. In 2011 A working party...

The Good Pain Medicine Specialist

22 Feb 2012

The Faculty of Pain Medicine has produced a guidance document on standards for Revalidation of specialists in pain medicine.

Notes from Number 10 meeting, 20 February 2012

22 Feb 2012

Following the approval of Council I attended the meeting at Number 10 yesterday in order to ensure that this College’s concerns regarding the NHS Health and Social Care Bill continue to be heard at the highest levels. Mr Cameron and Mr Lansley were adamant that they were not...

RCoA responses to GMC consultations on revalidation and CPD

14 Feb 2012

The RCoA has recently issued responses to two GMC consultations regarding Revalidation and Continuing Professional Development These responses will remain available on the Updates in Revalidation and CPD page, together with any previous RCoA consultation responses on...

Top tips for using the eForm

14 Feb 2012

The anaesthetic eForm is a tool for reporting patient safety incidents and near misses that occur in the anaesthetic pathway. It provides an enhanced dataset for anaesthesia and a rapid mechanism for learning via the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG). All reports received by...

MEE/ATDG Trainee Doctors National Essay Competition

09 Feb 2012

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Doctors' Group (ATDG) in conjunction with Medical Education England have announced the winner of their inaugural national essay competition - "How can the quality of medical training be improved while supporting high quality patient...

Person Specifications 2012

07 Feb 2012

Each specialty (and the level at which you would be entering training) has a nationally agreed person specification that lists the required competences for that specialty. In making an application, you will need to provide evidence to prove that you have achieved the specified...

London Olympics 2012: book travel and accommodation for College...

07 Feb 2012

The Olympics are already having an effect on availability and pricing of accommodation in London between May and August 2012. We would advise anyone planning to attend College events, meetings or other business at the RCoA during this period to make the necessary arrangements...

The Gas Newsletter (Issue 2)

07 Feb 2012

Issue 2 of the Trainee Newsletter 'The Gas' is now available to download below