Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Investment

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Investment

College purpose and investments

We, the trustees of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, are responsible for directing and controlling College activities to deliver its objects as detailed in our Royal Charter.

We seek to maximise the returns from investments to enable the College to deliver these objects. Limiting the investment pool by excluding investment opportunities may impact on our ability to resource College work. However, we are also mindful that the reputation of the College is important to our fellows, members and the wider specialty, and that how we invest may impact upon this reputation.

Current and future ESG exclusions

We do not knowingly invest in funds that include investments in tobacco, armaments, gambling and pornography, and we require our investment managers to provide assurances that any funds in which it invests do not include such investments.

We are committed to disinvest in fossil fuel providers, by January 2022, which are not compliant with the Paris agreement. We will work with our investment managers to achieve this disinvestment as soon as possible while maintaining an adequate return on investments that in turn funds the College’s charitable objects.


We use investment managers who oversee charitable mixed pooled funds.

The benefit of using these funds for the College is that they are both cost efficient and ESG aware, being investment vehicles for many charities that are sensitive to how their funds are invested.

We review the ESG criteria of these funds before investment and talk regularly to our investment managers about ESG matters, regularly reviewing their ESG criteria. We are guided by our investment managers’ advice on engagement and exclusion matters due to their expertise in this complex area.

We are currently assured that we are meeting our trustee responsibilities by continued investment with our current investment managers.


From time to time, a member may feel we are not meeting our obligations as trustees regarding investments. We are happy for our fellows and members to challenge us on our investment policies and they can email the investment committee at invco@rcoa.ac.uk.