Anaesthesia explained

Published: 01/03/2021


This online resource explains in detail how the team at the hospital will prepare you for an anaesthetic and what you can expect before, during and after an operation. 

It is a good place to start as it explains in detail what will happen from the beginning to end of your anaesthetic. It takes you through what an anaesthetic is and:

  • explains the different types of anaesthetics that may be on offer
  • makes suggestions about what you can do to prepare for your anaesthetic and also your recovery
  • shows you what will happen when you have your anaesthetic, and
  • it also suggests how and where you can find out more information.

It also provides basic information about the side effects and complications of anaesthesia and suggest how and where you can find out more.

This resource has been written by patients, patient representatives and anaesthetists, working together.

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Alternatively you can download a pdf of this resource with pictures here.