2010 Curriculum

Published: 15/09/2020


This Curriculum has been written in alignment with Standards for Curricula and Assessment Systems [GMC; 2010]. The term Specialty Registrar [StR] is used in the ‘Gold Guide’ - A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK. However throughout this curriculum document we use the more common CT/ST nomenclature.


A list of commonly used abbreviations is provided in annexes B, C, D and E.

Trainee Registration

All trainees are required to register with the College’s Training Department as soon as possible upon commencement of CT1, and again after appointment to Specialty Training in ST3. Copies of the Annual Review of Competence Progression [ARCP] and any correspondence related to their individual training are held at the College. A Certificate of Completion of Training [CCT] date is estimated, usually on entry to ST 5. This is amended if the necessary competencies and assessments [including examinations] are not obtained, are deferred or other circumstances prevail [such as sick leave or maternity leave] by the expected date.

College membership provides:

  • Access to the College’s trainee e-portfolio system
  • Access to e-Learning Anaesthesia
  • Access to training programme advice from the Chairs of the Training Committee and training administrators
  • Subscription to the British Journal of Anaesthesia, British Journal of Anaesthesia Education and the Bulletin


The first point of contact for information concerning a trainee’s training or career planning is this Curriculum, in conjunction with the Careers and Training & Examinations sections of the College website. The next point of contact is the College Tutor of the department in which the trainee is working. If the College Tutor is unable to give the necessary guidance then the Regional Adviser should be asked for advice. Only if the College Tutor or Regional Adviser cannot help should a trainee contact the College’s Training Department for advice because the training department will not be aware of the trainee’s personal circumstances.