Primary and Final FRCA examinations regulations

Published: 26/07/2019

Section 12: Re-calculations, Reviews, Appeals and Complaints


All matters regarding re-calculations, reviews, appeals, and complaints are contained in the RCoA Primary and Final FRCA examinations (Review and Appeals) Regulations (The Review Regs) (see College website).

(a) A candidate, after receipt of their official result letter, may request an additional calculation of his/her result. Re-calculation requests incur an administration charge. Re-calculation requests should be addressed to the head of examinations. (see paragraph 4 and 5 of the Review Regs).

(b) A candidate wishing to request a review with regard to the conduct of an examination or if on receipt of a review letter, remains dissatisfied and wishes to appeal against any result, must address such review or appeal to the Education, Training and Examinations Director in writing within two months of completing the relevant examination. Under no circumstances should such requests be addressed to an examiner.

(c) Candidates who consider they have grounds for complaint regarding the provision of service, provided at an FRCA examination, that does not amount to a request for a ‘Review’, should follow the procedure set out at paragraphs 20–30 of the Review Regulations.

(d) Candidates are not eligible to apply or sit for any FRCA examination whilst a matter for review or appeal remains unresolved between the candidate and the Education, Training and Examinations Director.