Dr Archibald Herbert Galley

Personal details

Dr Archibald Herbert Galley MBBS FFARCS MRCS LRCP DA

06/07/1908 to 05/06/1988

Place of birth: West Ham, Essex

Nationality: British

CRN: 715462

Education and qualifications

General education

School not identified; King’s College, London – Rabbeth Scholar 1927

Primary medical qualification(s)


Initial Fellowship and type

FFARCS by Election

Year of Fellowship


Other qualification(s)

DA(RCP&S), 1937


Professional life and career

Postgraduate career

Initially worked in GP, but then specilalised. Assistant casualty officer and senior resident anaesthetist at King’s College Hospital, then became honorary anaesthetist at East Ham Memorial Hospital (from 1937) and West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases (from 1938). During WW2 worked for the EMS at King’s College Hospital and also had an appointment at the Royal Dental Hospital. National Service in the RAF, as a Squadron Leader followed, after which he returned to King’s which became his main hospital. He retired in 1973.

Professional interests and activities

Early papers were on iv anaesthesia, but after WW2 a particular interest was caudal analgesia in obstetrics although he also worked with pharmacological companies on patient responses to surgery. Served on AAGBI Council as both elected (1950-3) and co-opted (1963-4 as chair of BMA Anaesthetists’ Group) member, and was involved in groups on both anaesthetic explosions & dental anaesthesia. 

Other biographical information

Married to Ruby, with whom he had a son & daughter. After retirement he became a Lay Reader of the Church of England.

Author and sources

Author: Prof Tony Wildsmith

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