Dr Sarah Ramsay

Dr Sarah Ramsay
Council Member



Term of office on Council

March 2018–2024


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Scotland


Dr Sarah Ramsay is an elected member of the RCoA Scottish Board,  Sarah is currently serving as the Honorary Secretary, and have recently been elected as Chair of the Board. Raising awareness of the College’s work with our regular Scottish members’ newsletter and representing our members in local and national training work is a passion of Sarah's. As well as representation on the newly formed Scottish Anaesthesia Quality and Safety Group.Working in Glasgow as a consultant in Anaesthesia and ICM and she recognises the value of cohesion between my specialties. Sarah has experience of working on national bodies, including the Scottish Board and as Honorary Secretary of the Scottish Intensive Care Society. She believes she can provide the two-way communication, energy and enthusiasm vital to be an effective elected Council member.Sarah's passion is to like to provide a strong voice for Scottish Fellows and Members and to ensure that the similarities, and differences, met across the UK in our broad specialty of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine are effectively represented.

Register of Interests

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