Heritage Series, Episode 2 Part 2: Peer Review, fraud and the continuing influence of the journals

In the second part of this episode of Anaesthesia on Air, David Bogod and Eleanor Shaw continue their conversation about the journals.  This part will look at the evolution of peer review, fraud, and the continuing influence of the journals - amongst other things.

This episode forms part of a series of podcasts devised by the RCoA Heritage Committee to look at the history of the College and the history of anaesthesia.

The series is chaired by Dr Anna Maria Rollin, current Chair of the Heritage Committee

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(Recorded 9th April 2023)

Dr David Bogod

David  started as an Editor at Anaesthesia in 1995 and took over as Editor-in-Chief from 2003-2009.  He has also chaired the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Obstetric Anaesthesia, was a Board Member of BJA and chaired the BJA-RCOA Liaison Committee.

Eleanor Shaw

Eleanor Shaw is a PhD Candidate at the University of Manchester. Eleanor’s PhD looks at the history of the British Journal of Anaesthesia during the 20th century, exploring the development of academic journal publishing, the journal’s relationship to the anaesthesia community, and the impact of these changes on the research it funded and published.

Dr Anna Maria Rollin MBE

This session is chaired By Dr Anna Maria Rollin a retired consultant anaesthetist and Chair of the RCoA Heritage Committee.

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