An Insider's View - Being an Event Clinical Content Lead: a chance to shape the RCoA education programme

Dr Gunjeet Dua, Consultant Anaesthetist, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London 

More than 1,700 of our fellows and members selflessly offer their time, energy and skills enthusiastically to the work of the College. These roles range from examiners and committee members, to ACSA leads and AAC Assessors. This series is to  highlight these roles further and to provide you with a true taste of what they involve. 

In this issue, Ewelina Kolaczek interviews Dr Gunjeet Dua, a consultant anaesthetist at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London. Among her numerous initiatives she has developed and leads the TAP Academy Practice Course for Postgraduate Nurses for King’s College London, she was the lead in planning and leading multidisciplinary training for all anaesthetists and theatre staff at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is the founder and course director for the renowned Guy’s Advanced Airway Course, which hosts about 350 international delegates every year. 

Dr Gunjeet Dua

Consultant Anaesthetist, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London 

Ewelina Kolaczek

Membership Engagement and Marketing Assistant