Nothing works: simplifying the management of complex pain in hospitals

Recorded on 17 July 2020 

In this podcast, Dr Douglas Natusch, Dr Helen Makins, Dr Karen Gilmore and Dr Zoey Malpus from the Faulty of Pain Medicine speak about how complex pain management be simplified in a hospital setting. The panel uses real scenarios to illustrate techniques and strategies to better manage pain.

Recorded by the Royal College of Anaesthetists

Dr Douglas Natusch

Consultant Anaesthetist specialising in pain medicine at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust 

Dr Helen Makins

Consultant in Pain Management in Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Dr Karen Gilmore

Consultant in Pain Management at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust 

Dr Zoey Malpus

Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Manchester University NHS Pain service